Ephedra and ECA Stacks

Ephedrine is commonly referred to as ephedra.  Ephedrine is derived from the naturally occurring plant, Ephedra Sinica.  This plant has been utilized for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a potent lung cleanser and bronchial dilator.

More recently, ephedra (ephedrine) has been touted as the most effective weight loss and fat burning agent ever discovered.  Ephedra works to speed weight loss results by encouraging the process of thermogenesis in the body.  The supplement is also a well known appetite suppressant, stimulant, energy booster and concentration enhancer.

These characteristics are all boosted and enhanced when combined into an ECA Stack formulation.  An ECA Stack is basically a simple formula of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.

Together these three ingredients encourage fat loss on a scale previously unseen.  The power of ephedrine is enhanced by the addition of the thermogenic properties of caffeine and the addition of aspirin.

As a thermogenic, ephedrine improves fat burning by speeding up the metabolic rate.  Thermogenesis is the process whereby the body’s core temperature is slightly raised which in turn makes the metabolism work harder.

Obviously, as the metabolism works overtime, more calories are burned and more pounds are shed.  A fully optimized metabolic rate means that less fat is stored.

Ephedra is also known to be one of the best appetite suppressants on the market.  Cravings are easily controlled and hunger and deprivation relieved.

The ability for ephedra to promote weight loss has been scientifically proven.  It is the most trusted and powerful fat burning agent among bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes and dieters today.

With the addition of aspirin and caffeine ephedra’s natural potency is greatly enhanced.  The ECA Stack is formula is the go-to formula for those seeking to shed pounds and burn unwanted fat without sacrificing lean muscle mass.

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