Ephedrine Side Effects

side effects ephedrineEphedrine is a powerful weight loss and fat burning agent.  However, ephedrine is not right for everyone.

Ephedrine has been shown to dramatically improve weight loss results.  Clinical studies have proven that ephedrine beats out diet and exercise alone when it comes to losing weight.

As mentioned, despite the usefulness of ephedrine for those seeking to lose weight, ephedrine can be dangerous for some people.

The most common side effect of ephedrine is probably a generalized feeling of jitteriness or restlessness.  As a stimulant, ephedrine can make you feel overly energized and lead to difficulties with sleep.

Ephedrine tablets can make you feel like you’ve simply had one too many cups of coffee.  Most people advise that you not take any supplement containing ephedrine before bed or late in the day, for this can lead to insomnia.

Ephedrine may also cause headaches in some people.  In others, ephedrine may lead to increased heart rate and feelings of anxiety.

Ephedrine can cause more serious side effects in some people.  Ephedrine use is not advised for those with previous health conditions.

Ephedrine is specifically dangerous for those with heart problems.  Others including those with hypertension, thyroid disease, diabetes, anxiety, glaucoma, gland disorders or enlarged prostate should also avoid the use of supplements containing ephedrine.

Ephedrine should only be taken by healthy individuals and as directed on labels.  Ephedrine should not be used in combination with caffeine.