Top 5 Ephedrine Supplements

herbalean-ephedrineHere are the top 5 supplements that contain ephedrine:

1. Kaizen Herbalean:  Kaizen Herbalean is a clinically proven, advanced fat burning formula.  Herbalean harnesses the power of ephedra to stimulate thermogenesis and improve fat disintegration.  Herbalean by Kaizen, utlizes the ECA stack combination to dramatically increase metabolic rate performance and weight loss.  Herbalean is a potent appetite suppressant and is as effective as many prescription strength fat loss pills.

2.  Xtreme Thermoburn ECA Stack:  Xtreme Thermoburn is another amazing fat burning supplement.  Xtreme Thermoburn gives you the ultimate in ECA stack combinations with a whopping 24mg of ephedrine alkaloids in every serving.  To this is added the potency of caffeine, aspirin (derived from White Willow bark) and other proven thermogenic ingredients.  Together Thermoburn’s patent-pending formula delivers faster, more powerful results.

3.  Red Rockets ECA Stack:  Red Rocket’s ECA Stack formula offers probably the highest ephedrine content per servings available with a huge 30 mg dose of ephedrine per capsule.  This huge ephedrine dose is further bolstered by the power of caffeine and aspirin.  400 mcg of Chromium Picolinate, 30 mg of Cayenee and 70 mg of Ginger root increase thermogenetic effects thereby resulting in one of the best metabolic rate boosting formulas to date.

4.  Fireburn Extreme ECA Formula:  Fireburn Extreme ECA Formula is a proven fat burning supplement that dramatically improves weight loss results.  This potent fat burner helps boost metabolic rate performance, turning your body literally into a fat burning furnace.  27 mg of ephedra acts as a catalyst for rapid fat loss.  Fireburn Extreme protects lean muscle mass and boosts athletic performance.

5.  ThermoGenesis Ephedra ECA Stack:  ThermoGenesis is, as the name suggests, a powerhouse when it comes to metabolic rate performance and fat burning.  ThermoGenesis packs a punch with a whopping 30 mg dose of ephedrine in every capsule.  ThermoGenesis offers only the purest ECA Stack ingredients and is produced to meet pharmaceutical grade standards.